Nite Fleit - Overcast

Nite Fleit - Overcase

Nite Fleit’s latest release on Planet Euphorique is a clear indication that she has no signs of slowing down. The Melbournite turn Londoner’s Overcast is compiled of skittish, trance-inducing numbers that are perfectly offset with the occasional appearance of balanced, euphoric pads, somewhat reminiscent of her debut release on Steel City Dance Discs. Available March 4th. Preorder your copy now.

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Skin on Skin - Welcome to the Beginning of the End


SCDD009 moves straight into the overtaking lane with Skin on Skin, from Brisbane, Australia. Burning through red lights and 909s, SOS takes us on a joyride through the backstreets of house with four murky bone-shakers.

Divided, each track on this propulsive debut is an unapologetic dance-floor anthem; deranged samples, smoked-out percussion, fuck-you-up rhythm and a prominent early Memphis Rap motif. Windows down for this one.

Dropping February 8th, pre order your copy today.


Shanti Celeste & Hodge - Soba Dance EP


Bristol based Hodge joins Shanti Celeste, label co-owner, for the most recent installment from Peach Discs. On the title track, Soba Dance, simple pitched percs push the track forward, complemented by sharp and consistent hats, while the keys and pads set a mystical undertone for the piece. Alula takes the same techniques and energy, but refines it to create something that’s worthy of both warm up and afters playlists. Taking a departure from the sample-lead theme of the prior tracks, Pips relies more on its harmonic and melodic elements, while still maintaining a dependence on its popping beat throughout. This release drops February 6th, and is currently available for preorder through Bandcamp.


Jensen Interceptor - Wave Slave

Jensen Interceptor - Wave Slave

2018 was a big year for Jensen Interceptor, coming off a ripping release on Central Processing Unit with Assembler Code, and 2019 is off to a roaring start with this first taste of his upcoming EP on Craigie Knowes. The Sydneysider, who will soon be making a shift over to Berlin, makes his mark out the gate with some erratic electro action on the A2 track, Wave Slave. The unsuspecting vocal stabs, alongside the furious lead, work in synergy to produce something on the verge of hypnotic. Pre order now out all your favourite outlets.

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Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor

rudolf c.jpg

Salt Mines co-owner Rudolf C steps up to the plate for X-Kalay’s latest output. With the title track of the EP being featured on DJ Seinfeld’s DJ Kicks’ mix from last year, the release has been greatly anticipated for months. Fans, however, will have to be patient as this is set for a February 22nd release. Although we only have a glimpse into two tracks at this point, there are common themes in both. Precisely aligned rolling basslines drive the tracks forward, while Rudolf’s harmonic pads create a vast atmospheric landscape for the Deep Sea Survivor. Pre order your copy now.

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Cinthie - 803 Crystal Grooves 002 EP

crystal grooves 002.PNG

One thing certain is whatever the Berlin based producer/ DJ/ label & record store owner & full time mum, Cinthie puts out will be of high quality with something to suit everyone.

This EP takes a slight departure from the primarily house-centric styling of her debut release through her label, putting less emphasis on melody and harmony and instead letting the machines do the talking. It still, however, maintains the same light-hearted energy inherent in all of her productions. Available January 18th, we’re itching for this one to hit the shelves.


X-Coast - Bailando EP

X-Coast Bailando.jpg

Over a year has passed since X-Coast introduced Bailando to the world; a track whose undeniable tropical bounce epitomizes the man’s production style. Dance floors worldwide will now get to experience this energy after it’s January release through Dansu Discs. Complementing the lead track is a heater titled The Realest Oh La La lead by Lauryn Hill, while we have Big Miz adding a saucy remix with just the right amount of acid. Tommy Holohan provides the cherry on top with his unconventional ravey break anthem - such a delight. This truly well rounded EP is now available at all good record stores.

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