Manchester Spotlight


OfftheRecord connect the abundance of Manchester DJs to the famous basement parties of Fallowfield. They have hosted parties at Koh Tao, Venus and the Academy. Will Clarke, their founder states their philosophy is “keeping parties at affordable prices. Giving back to the community we operate in. Helping where we can with charity events. Overall inclusivity to anyone for our parties. No constraints in terms of genre & generally bringing club events back to basics."

We sat down with Will & got to know the Manchester young start a bit better.


1.      Who attends your events?

Naturally, midweek events bring the student base. So a large majority is students. However, noticed an influx of more local and older people depending on where we host the events.


3.      What does your artwork say about your night?

Either designed by a member of our team or locally sourced graphic designers, we don’t usually confine to an image for ourselves. With a guidleine from ourselves, we simply let the artist have control over the artwork.

pev - cov.png


4.      5 of the best previous acts you have put on. Who was the standout?

Will Saul, Big Miz, Frits Wentink, O’Flynn and Folamour being the standout. Pure energy from start to finish, kept the crowd on their toes all evening.


5.      What sound system do you use for your events? 

Most clubs we have worked with have a Funktion one system in place. Crisp as you like.


6.      What makes your event stand out?

fIn a city like Manchester where the scene is saturated with promotor’s, it can be hard to stand out and make a name for yourself. I would have to mention our ticket prices are generally low.


7.      We would love for you to curate 10 songs for our Spotify playlist, which sum up your event. Please link 10 songs from Spotify which sum up your night.

I don’t have access to Spotify but I will list the songs:
Folamour – Love Frequencies

Crinan – Jeti

Soulphication – When Radio Was Boss

Sylve - Ive only got you to blame

Steffi ft.Virginia – Yours

Loni Clark – Rushing (Mood II Swing dub)

Point G – Balea

Eric Martin – Hit it how you want 2

Minilogue – Elephants Parade

George Michael – Club Tropicana


8.      Please list your night’s socials below: 

Upcoming: offtheRecord. w/ Peverlist & Bake (26th January, 2019 @ The White Hotel)