IOM 002 - Ben Gomori

IOM 002 from DJ and producer @bengomori, takes you on a mature & soulful journey through a tracklist, which he leaves up to you to identify...

"I've shared my thoughts about the culture of track IDing in this group a few times, and generally speaking I'm all for it as long as people are doing it in a polite, considered manner. As I've always said, DJing is supposed to be about sharing music; not hoarding it.

However when IOM asked me to do one of their first mixes I knew I had to do something special. To that end I've put together a 'Shazam-proof' mix full of tracks that need a bit of a deeper dig to uncover. I won't be revealing the tracklist.

Instead, if anyone can figure out the full tracklist and email it to, I'll send them a bunch of vinyl from my labels @monologues @sterns-edits and G-Edits (@gmarkus) I'd say there's only one seriously obscure track, there's a few that should be quite easy to figure out and then the rest... well, I'll leave that to you guys."