Melt! Festival 2019

Article by Chris Schneider & photos by @annette.zer

Melt! Festival continues to stand for diversity in its approach to presenting a wide variety of music and experiences to fans of all genres.

Spanning from mainstage headliners such as Jorja Smith and Slowthai, to label takeovers of the Sleepless Floor with Hessle Audio all day on Sunday, there’s plenty for everyone to get stuck into. With the famous Sleepless Floor running non-stop throughout the Festival programming alongside world-class DJs at the Forest and Big Wheel stages, the choices were never easy, but we hope you enjoy some of our picks. 

MELT x Annette Zer-7381.jpg

Peach @ the Forest Stage, Friday 21:00-23:00 pm. Edit: It turns out we only got 1/4 of these right. Damn Peach, you did us again…

Dr. Rubinstein B2B Tijana T @ The Big Wheel, Friday 22:00-24:00 am (went off) 

MELT x Annette Zer -5205.jpg

Helena Hauff @ The Big Wheel Saturday 03:00-05:00 am 

MELT x Annette Zer -5228.jpg

Italojohnson @ Sleepless Floor Sunday 08:00-11:00 am

MELT x Annette Zer -5433.jpg

Ben UFO @ Sleepless Floor Sunday 11:00 am – 13:30 pm 

MELT x Annette Zer -5541.jpg

Pangaea @ Sleepless Floor Sunday 16:30 – 19.15 pm 

MELT x Annette Zer-6972.jpg

Octo Octa @ The Big Wheel Sunday 19:00 – 21:30 pm

Octo Octa’s set was a highlight of the festival. Playing on the Sunday evening to an audience already primed by a full weekend of raving, her raucous selections set against the backdrop of the dystopian Big Wheel Stage, lent her set an end-of-the-world-party vibe, reminiscent of something out of Mad Max.

MELT x Annette Zer-7454.jpg