Brothers Black


IOM 009 comes to you from the Berlin based duo, Brothers Black. Label owners, DJs, and producers by trade, Jamie Sison and Ed Antonio bring their unique blend of techno to the forefront in this mix. We had the pleasure of chatting with them to learn more about their labels, influences and future plans.


Tell us a bit about yourselves.

We’re Jamie and Ed, and we’re actually brothers though most people can’t see it. We’re Berlin-based, though originally from London. We’re co-founders of Bade Records with London-based Tape Fear and we have a self-titled imprint too, which is a personal outlet for our own releases and artists we find unique and admire.

How do you work with Tape Fear to craft the output Bade Records?

We have one simple rule with Bade: if we’re going to put something out we all have to be 100% behind it. If we’re not, then we don’t do it. Decision making can be hard as not everyone agrees the whole time, but in the end we make the right decisions for the four of us.

How do you curate your output for Bade Records? Is there a particular sound that you're looking for in each release?

Bade has had a pretty varied output since its inception 5 years ago. The label’s output has evolved with our own personal tastes and continues to do so. As we all have quite different tastes spanning across a number of different styles of electronic music, the output can range anywhere from techno to electro to house, but our releases always maintain a specific flavour that’s a combination of the four of us. Generally speaking, we do look for more dance floor-focussed music.

Who were your original influences, and how have your more recent influences impacted your current sound?

Both of us grew up listening to the classic rock/punk rock/metal sounds of the 00s before coming into contact with dubstep (Caspa & Rusko’s Fabriclive 37), as well as french electro and DnB. We then started out making tech-house before finding our feet in techno. We’ve actually been listening to a fair bit of classic DnB for inspiration recently as the sound design is so on point. Our biggest influence has probably been Berlin’s techno sound, but we like to mix it with our UK roots. 

Although ever a staple in the electronic music scene, some may say there has been a popularization of techno in recent years. How do you think this contributes to both the perception and success of the genre? 

No matter how popular something gets, and no matter how much people may or may not think that’s a good thing, there will always be pockets of people with the right ideas, the right attitude and the right music to ensure a successful experience.


Who are some lesser known artists that you believe deserve more attention?

High Mobility Weapons Unit, Sandra Mosh and Lawrence Lee.

How have internet based platforms and social media influenced the way you promote your music?

Social media and internet based platforms are incredibly powerful for getting music out there to an audience. We collaborate with HATE for YouTube, who have been been amazing in supporting both Brothers Black and Bade, and various magazines like Mixmag and XLR8R for Soundcloud, as well as our own. Bandcamp is an incredible platform that we use for our self-titled label. It’s great to see that people are willing to buy your music, and great that someone like Bandcamp takes a fair, transparent percentage. It’s a fast moving world online with changing algorithms, so you need to constantly adapt to not get lost in the noise.

What're you excited about in 2019?

We have releases lined up on Brothers Black, with some very special artists who’ll be both remixing and contributing to our VA series, though we can’t announce this quite yet. We’re also lining up some additional releases that’ll be announced later in the year too.

We’re also continuing Bade’s 5 Years Anniversary tour, with our next stops at Corsica Studios and Egg in London, and an awesome split record coming out on Bade early summer, to be announced in the coming months!

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